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Quality Matters

Caribe Plaza​​


The owner of this luxurious sub penthouse comissioned Synkros to deliver a 10 zone music system and a home theater. The challange: sound and image had to be impeccable, the speakers had to dissappear or compliment the decor and the system had to be easy to use. 



The owner of this ultra luxurious penthouse assigned us a mission: "I want to have music from one end of the apartment to the other". The solution, a 5 zone Sonos system paired with Canton In Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers. In addition a magnificnet home theaterfor his 80" flat screen TV. 

Gallery Plaza


The owner of this trendy apartment wanted to have world class home theater on a budget. Magnificent sound and elegant looks. One for the Living Room, the other for the Master Bedroom. The solution an Artcoustic & Marantz system for the Living and a Canton & Marantz system for the Master. In addition, a 4 zone Sonos system. 

Dorado Beach East


The owners of this prestigious residence had a Family Room that they rarely used. The challange was to create a luxury system that would rekindle their passion for movies and concerts. The result, a truly first class home theater. Sight and sound second to none.

Palmas Del Mar


The owners of this magnificent villa come to this place to relax. The goal was to deliver a quality system that was fun and easy to use. Sonos, Marantz and Canton had the combination of products to deliver just that.

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